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Ever wanted to grow mushrooms from home? well now you can using Mushroom Grow Kits from Mushbox If you want to grow mushrooms you need to get spores or a live culture to get started. Checkout Spores101 for high quality strains Growing your own mushrooms is easier than ever using the 3-in-1 Mycodome. Incubate, Birth, and Fruit all in one kit. An online community dedicated the amazing world of mycology. Live chat, blogs and photo galleries. A collection of herbal blends and legal highs that give you an alternative to alcohal and other substances. Online smokeshop and herbal smoke supplier Smokeface tests each product himself to guarantee quality and effectiveness. Mother Natures forum. A community of earth minded individuals who gather to share information about eco friendly topics A collection of high quality cannabis photography and marijuana forums. Checkout the sweet ass buds at BudPorn.ca The latest in L.E.D. growing technology is the 357 Magnum LED grow light. Proven to produce massive buds for medical marijuana.
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